The Golden Rules of Digital Etiquette

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Researchers have created the definitive modern day tech etiquette guide, compiling a list of golden rules, based on a study by BT Mobile and commented on by Oxford University.

As technology evolves, new social situations are created and conflict can arise if the appropriate behaviour is not followed. However, this can be confusing at times for those who are not familiar with navigating social media in a professional setting. To address these concerns, researchers have come up with a list to help you avoid the common pitfalls social media creates:

  • Don’t over share on Facebook
  • Don’t flirt with someone via LinkedIn or any professional platform
  • Be careful when hitting ‘reply all’ to a group message if you don’t want the information to be shared
  • Never send a text message or post to social media when inebriated or emotional
  • Don’t put kisses on texts or emails to clients or work colleagues
  • Don’t gossip about people on text or social media
  • Always text or message if you’re going to be late for a social arrangement
  • Always call in work rather than text if you are going to be off sick
  • Don’t text bad news, always call

Psychologist Dr Peter Collett at Oxford University who was involved in the study of 2,000 adults said: ‘People are increasingly moving away from the traditional ways of staying in touch, and so the psychology of friendship in the digital age has changed.’

Research backs up this claim, revealing that the average user spends four hours and 12 minutes socialising online every day, with the typical user sending 31 texts, 13 Facebook messages or comments, six tweets and 11 emails every day.

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