Co-Op Food Store at Great Barfield Have New Commercial Awnings from Deans

Co-op store at Great Barfield with new  commercial awnings

Deans Blinds and Awnings, the UK’s renowned manufacturer of blinds and awnings, have helped to give the shop front at the Co-op Food store in Great Barfield a whole new look.

Deans installed their Classic commercial awning model. The awnings have transformed the store’s appearance into a new clean and effective image. The white frame colours contrast with the Corporate steel blue Sunvas material of the awning fabric.

The Great Barfield branch of the Co-op food store became famous in 2013. That year, a lucky consortium of staff shared a magnificent £2.1 million lottery win.

About Co-Op Food

It is a brand devised for the food retail business of the consumer co-operative movement in the United Kingdom. When looking at food retail, the brand is commonly understood to represent one food retail business, though this is not true as it is used by over 15 different co-operative societies which operate over 4,000 outlets. Local convenience, great value food and ethical trading are what The Co-operative Food is all about. Find out more at

About Deans Blinds and Awnings UK

Deans Blinds and Awnings have been manufacturers and installers of blinds and awnings of all types for over 120 years. Deans cater for both the domestic and commercial markets providing services from complete supply and installation jobs right down to renovating and recovering old awnings. Find out more at

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